PR Ponderings

– When someone says…“It’s just business”… it is just a poor excuse for acting badly.

– If you will not take the time, or make the effort to find out the real true for yourself… be careful who you let do your thinking for you

– Don’t confuse self interest as a benefit to mankind

– Bureaucrats will blindly follow whatever set of rules they are instructed to follow even if doing so leads them to take completely illogical or patently nonsensical actions.

– Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully

– Winners do… what loser will not do

– You may not like our history, the people, or their actions, but if it were not for that history… you might not even be here.


Welcome from your newest partner…

Continental Communications, Inc.

We specialize in professional Association Management, Public Relations and Strategic Communications and our thirty (30) years of experience gives us the advantage of working with variety of issues, with the diversity of individuals and groups that are a part of every undertaking.

Thank you for visiting. We hope you discover how our “can do” spirit and expertise, makes CCI your valuable partner for success.

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“In marketing… advertising is the  “flare up” of a match; PR is the “flame” …which burns so much longer”.  – C. Kirven

Words DO Matter” – C. Kirven